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Does anyone know of a tool that can recover GPT? I have a 16-drive RAID system that has two partitions. Due to an unrelated issue, I was trying to resize the GPT partition, and used diskpart before discovering it did not work with GPT. This caused the extra space to no longer be available at all. In trying to fix that, I used a different tool, which seems to have executed the Clean command of diskpart! Needless to say, my two drives no longer show in Windows. As mentioned above, the RAID volume is partitioned into two drives. One is 703.13 GB, and the other contains the remaining space, which is 13-14 TB in space, depending on if the actual expansion worked with the tool that ruined everything. Any help? Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere else I can put all the data (it's too much for any other disks or media I have). Therefore, I can't use a "recovery" tool. I need something that will rebuild, discover, repair, or whatever the record so that it will appear for access in Windows. I know the files are there because the tool only took a second to process...I just need for Windows to be able to see them. I am using Windows XP x64, btw. Thanks again in advance for any help.
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  1. Unfortunately, I know of no recovery tools that can work with GPT disks.

    Your best bet is to contact a drive recovery company that has experience with RAID systems, they will have specific tools for this. Prepare to pay.
  2. This is an old thread and my comment is probably no longer of interest to the two previous posters, but in case someone is searching the web for answers (the same way I found this);

    There are now atleast two recovery tools available that i know can work with GPT disks. They are called TestDisk and PhotoRec.

    PhotoRec even recognized a RAID 10 GPT-partition on my system.

    Hope this helps someone some day. :)
  3. 1. In XP, run: cmd
    2. Type
    3. Type
    4. select disk # (the number from the list)
    eg. if the disk is number 7, type
    5. type

    Voila. GPT Protective Partion has been removed.

    6. In XP, run: compmgmt.msc and select Disk Management
    7. Look for the disk which says "Not Initialized", right click, then select Initialize Disk
    8. Select OK to confirm
    9. Right click on the Unallocated space and select "New Partition…"
    10. Partition as required
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