Need a video card for a friend

He knows nothing about computers, so he asked me to do this.

Anyways, he just a new computer, because his old one was failing. He bought a Gateway (Insert model number here) for $1000, including OS, and, I think, Office. It wasn't a bad deal, because he got 4GB of RAM and a Q6600. Unfortunately, as we all know, pre built systems skimp royally on the graphics card, and he got an 8500GT, which isn't much improvement over his old 6600 AGP. Considering that he has a 24" monitor, he needs a new card eventually.

My question: Should he get an 8800GTS 640/HD2900 XT/PRO now, or wait until November to assess the market then? Since it isn't vital that he gets a new card (he is more than happy at Supreme Commander being a game, rather than a slideshow), I was thinking that it would be best to wait, but I would love to have others' input into the matter.

Edit: Is this a good deal here?
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  1. I like the 2900pro 1gb that you linked, just for the fact that it has 1gb RAM and can be OC'd to XT speeds for less $ than the 2900xt! Not sure how long these 2900pro's are going to be around, but if he wants to wait, it might drop the prices a little, but probably not much. We will see how this pans out. If I had the $ now and wanted to upgrade now, I would get the 2900 pro 1gb, but that is just my opinion.
  2. No one's input is more important than your friends. But Im guessing once he get a better video card he'll enjoy SupCom even more than he already does. Waiting, or not waiting, is directly based on how happy your friend is now.

    You'll want to compare 2900Pro/1GB and 8800GTS/640 to each other and also compare the 2900Pro/512 and 8800GTS/320
    Supreme Commander really seems to prefer the 8800 series GPUs right now. With better ATI drivers the game might narrow but its something to keep an eye on as you look at the different cards.

  3. Supreme Commander isn't the only game he plays. Do you have a link to the source of those charts?
  4. There doesnt seem to be enough of a performance jump in the 1GB and 512MB versions of the 2900 to pay the premium price of the 1GB model.

    From a 2900XT/1GB review @ Xbit Labs
  5. Thanks for the link.

    Based on your definition of waiting, he should, since he is happy.

    What do others' think?
  6. 1.Will a HD2900 or GF8800 fit in the case?
    2.Power supply, amps?
    Oem system, upgradability, size limitation?
  7. Yeah, I checked it. The fit will be tight, but he has enough slots and length. He needs a new PSU, since the OEM ones are low quality.
  8. Bump.
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