Micor ATX case and power supply


First post and question so go easy on me

I have an old SONY PC I bough at Costco like 4 maybe 5 years ago. Its a microatx case and from what I understand takes a similar Power Supply.

Without knowing the model of my SONY would this work?


P4 2.66 GHZ...1gig Ram....120 gig HD....Win XP....Radeon 9800 pro (being replaced)


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  1. Your link doesn't work for me. Comes up as a 404 error.
  2. Your link does not work. The URL is too long so it gets shortened.

    When you want to post with a link do not use the quick reply box. Click on the PostReply icon to your left to get to the "advanced" posting screen.

    When you are ready to post a link click the button to the right of "C/C++" button which looks like a chain link. Click and you will see "url" "/url" (the quotes will actually be brackets). Paste the link inside and it should work.

    Best advice I can give is to measure your current m-ATX power supply and match it to the one you want to buy. I thought all m-ATX are the same size, but after recommending one to a forum member last year, the m-ATX PSU did not fit the m-ATX case. It was slightly smaller and the case wasn't one of those m-ATX case which uses a full size ATX PSU.
  3. link works for me, but thanks...I'll measure whats in there comparred to the one I'm looking at
  4. You must have fixed it while I was typing 'cause your post is only 16 seconds older than my previous post.
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