Q6600 + Intel DQ35JO motherboard - OK?

I'm about ready to buy a new 'white box' system (old one died). I've decided on the Q6600 - for that price why not? I tend to keep my PCs a while (still have first Dell after 11 years - P300). So I'm looking to keep this a while.

The local store I've talked to recommended the Intel DQ35JOE motherboard (MB) over an ASUS MB primarily because of Intel's responsiveness to warranty issues (which is why they primarily work with Intel MBs).

I would like to use both Win XP and Ubuntu Linux on the box. In doing my homework in researching the MB it appears that this MB is fairly new (only 4 results on it from Google). I have not run across much in the way of references to Intel MBs at all, and especially for use with Linux.

I do not anticipate doing much, if anything, in the way of overclocking - have an innate fear of frying the MB and CPU.

Anyone have experience with Intel MBs, or recommendations about them?
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  1. if u r not going to OC , then go for an INTEL board , they are very stable and good
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