ga-p35c-ds3r rev 1.1 F4 bio Q6600 G0 xp sp2 show only 2 cores

Just installed a new Q6600 G0 to ga-p35c-ds3r rev 1.1 F4 bio.
When I open my task manager it only show two cores!
I am using XP Sp2. Does anyone come cross this problem before? If there is a Fix?
Now my Q6600 is running as E6600 with 8mb of L2 cache :pfff:
Thanks for anyone who can help on this.
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  1. Hmmmm. I had this problem with my new Q6600 and my 965P-DS3, but it was lack of voltage. I had to roll back and put my E6600 and bought a P35-DS3R that will arrive this week. But yes, I had the same situation (different mobo tho).
  2. did it used to show four core in task mgr before this bios update? if not then i think if u reinstall your os then u can see it. this is as far as i think. i might be wrong. hope i helped.
  3. No. It ever showed 4 cores for me. I reinstalled Vista Ultimate 32 and 64bit. without any window update, it still only show two cores in task manager. CPU-z shows 2 cores too. However, it did find 8mb of L2 cache!! :pfff:
    Should I contact gigabyte and ask them to send me a new board or should I go back to CompUSA exchange for a new Q6600? thanks.
  4. I do not have the same board but in my BIOS for my 680i it has an option to enable and disable cores. Off the top of my head I can't remeber exactly where but It was on the screen with all the options to disable cpu features. See if your MB has something along those lines. If not I would RMA the board back and get another one.
  5. Keep us updated 2142er
  6. installed latest bio F7. but it still doesn't work!!!
    called tech support 1 month ago and still did not get back from then.
    quote from tech support "sorry sir we have to contact our Taiwanese main company to get answer"!!!
    I hope they did not mean the Taiwan on another galaxy!! :fou: :fou:
  7. hey guys was there any news on how you fixed this problem?
  8. got it!! it was disabled in the bios
  9. Hi aj-8920. how did you enable it from Bios?
  10. Huh?
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