Remote Control Software For A Single Application Window?

Most remote control software lets you control the entire computer over a network. I was simply looking for a program that would let me visually see and control a single application Window.

The computer I want unattended is basically a HTPC, and it would stream my shows and stuff to a monitor that serves its purpose to replace a TV. I have a program that can start a download for a 1 hour program, send part of that video to WMP, and then the program would continue background downloading that one show, while WMP played it. The thing is, I have to double-click the next show in the list to continue playback of the next hour.

I want a way to do this without actually interacting directly with the HTPC at all. One idea I had was having an automatic mouse-click script that goes off every hour, which might work. The 2nd option was what I mentioned above with the remote control to only that app.
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  1. Assuming this is a Windows PC, then no, there is no remote control software that can be limited to just one application.

    However, on Linux and other Unix-like OSs you can have multiple desktop sessions at once, and if you run a single app in one session you would have full control over it without affecting other running apps.
  2. There are presentation programs that allow you to share a single window or application with other members of the conference. The old MS program did that, you can select to share the current application for control or the desktop.
  3. Hmm, the website is not even valid. . .
  4. Yeah, he put in .gov instead of .edu

    I fixed it, try now.

    Edit: our friend here seems to have more than a few patent up his sleeve if you google his name.
  5. I better keep my distance; I am allergic to patents ;)
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