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I have an onborad realtek hd audio card with the latest drivers. The problem is wheever i try to play a game or watch a movie anything that has to do with sound. it throws on to desktop and I get constant messages about "jack has been plugged " & "jack has been unplugged".

I have tryed unplugged all cable's from the sound card. And i still get thrown on to desktop when trying to play a game or watch anything :fou:

any ideas?
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  1. Are you running the latest drivers? Download them from here.

    -Wolf sends
  2. i have solved the problem

    in sound options you have tou disable front pannel jack detection
  3. "in sound options you have tou disable front pannel jack detection"

    Can you explain this more clearly? Where is this Sound Options you are referring to?
  4. I think the one Painkiller13 is referring to is the the realtek audio suite (I forget the name).

    There is a option in there for auto jack-sensing
  5. it is in the i (information) down the bottom right in audio manager if you right click on the orange speaker in your task bar. at the bottom of the pop up window there is an option to "show information in icon bar" or something like that. click it. that will disable it. the annoying pop up shall never annoy you again.
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