Which brand is more trustworthy? Also any suggestions on video cards? Cause I know PNY sucks at warranties, but that could just be me. Thank you.
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  1. I love XFX, all their cards have worked for me. Evga has a step program though, with that kind of money I would go with Evga.
  2. both are good brands , the XFX model is OC'd though
  3. both are trust worthy.
  4. Says the guy with the Abu avatar ;)
  5. that's apu! :D
  6. Looks like there are some games to choose from depending on which you get. I personally have XFX their warranties I like when my 7900gt died they offered an upgrade for to 8800gts with a discount that was close to my video cards value.( I don't know if this program is still active). The step up program sounds cool from EVGA though I have not had any experience with it...
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