What would be my video card requirements for a 3 display Game setup

I am currently running an ATI X1900xtx for my game system on a C2D running at 3Ghz. I mostly play RTS games like C&C, World in Conflict, Supreme commander, etc and like tactical shooters like Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 and am looking forward to the upcoming CRYSIS offering. I have dual 20" and dual 24" monitors that I use for my work here at home, but I would like to use them for a 3 monitor game setup. The plan is to purchase another matching 20" or 24" monitor. This would make my viewing area 5760*1200 for the 24" setup or 5040*1050 for the 20" setup.

That means I need at least 2 video cards. For a game like CRYSIS maybe 3 are required. I currently have an ASUS board that has 4 PCIE slots that runs at 8x per slot. Question is, what can I get away with to have smooth gameplay? I do not think SLI or Crossfire would work well here since I want to work with 3 monitors. BUT some games CAN be run in a window that I assume you could stretch over 3 monitors. I am not well versed in the capabilities of what SLI/Crossfire can do well under circumstances like this. But the amount of pixels to be pushed will be high.

1. try to pick up another X1900xtx
2. buy 3 new cards
--A. 8800GTS
--B. 8800GTX
--C. HD2950PRO (10.1 compatible)
--D. other cards or senarios

I love and prefer ATI for a number of reasons but am not locked into them. I use a number of monitors in my work so this machine would serve a dual purpose but the higher end video cards are NOT required in my line of work.

Any help and insight appreciated.

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  1. For multi monitor gaming you should looking to the TripleHead2Go from matrox. Its a break-out-box that you connect between your video card and your 3 monitors. Most games don't have native multi-monitor support, but Triplehead2Go apparently makes it easy.


    Is a partial game list.

    Now since your running 3 times as many pixels on the 3 monitors you'll want the best video card you can get probably.
    There are a coulple down falls to the TripleHead2go, such as the resolution isn't very high ... 3 X 1280 x 1024 so its 3840 x 1024 in total at 60 hz, 75 hz requires 1024*768... even lower. Also it only takes standard analog svga inputs.

    Regardless of the negatives i think 3 monitors would kick @$$.
  2. Quote:
    Also it only takes standard analog svga inputs
    There is a digital edition of TripleHead2go out now: TripleHead2Go Digital Edition

    I don't believe I've heard of anyone gaming at 5760*1200 resolution (6.9 million pixels)
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