Where is the best place to order parts from?

So I started out using Mwave then about 5 years ago I converted to Newegg. I now have a Newegg Credit Card (6 month no pymt no interest). But I have been reading that newegg is very overpriced on some products.

I really have two questions:
1. Where do you buy your parts?
2. Since I hear Newegg overprices on some items which ones are they and where should I buy those from?
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  1. zipzoomfly.com is a good bet... I generally go with them and NewEgg.
  2. I use newegg and clubIT.
  3. Newegg
  4. It all depends on what you get and when. Usually targeting the parts you need when they are on sale or with rebate is the way to go. Newegg is "slightly" more expensive (like $5 more for a $200 item) at retail. All the places mentioned above are good for sales and parts and you just need to pick and choose for the best prices. No one place will be consistently cheaper on all parts and Newegg does offer a wider selection.

    Check places like passwird.com or slickdeals.net or easy to access front page deals sections. They will often list good sales of computer parts.
  5. I have some favorite stores, and I make research first for price, then I decide which one to use. Newegg, ZZF, Amazon, Fry's, and recently Tank Guys have all very good customer service, you can check your order status online, etc.

    You won't be wrong with any of them.
  6. As others have posted, NewEgg and ZIPZOOMFLY are my two most common with NewEgg getting the major part of my business.

    NewEgg always has very good prices (PSUs tend to be high unless on sale) and the biggest selection. If I'm going for a large order with lots of pieces, I tend to just get it all from there. If I'm doing a single item, I try and find the best deal for the one part. If any one part is a big difference in price, like often happens with PSUs at NewEgg, I will still buy the one part elsewhere.

    I have not had to deal with NewEggs customer service often, but I'm at 100% for my rebates through them and the one return I needed to do went well. (I bought a SATA drive by mistake for my laptop which only took IDE:> Doh! )
  7. Quote:
    Newegg is "slightly" more expensive (like $5 more for a $200 item) at retail.

    Actually, since I do work retail, Newegg is way cheaper on everything I looked at.

    Overall, I trust Newegg and Zipzoomfly.
  8. Well for a bit of comparision when I was building my brothers PC a couple months ago I ordered parts from ZipZoomFly and Newegg.

    What I found was that although Zipzoomfly had free shipping the prices tended to be slightly higher, but it came out less then Newegg when shipping was included. But I found when ordered a lot of parts together the combined shipping costs from Newegg made them come out a bit cheaper. I was also looking at MWave at the same time but everything I was going to order from them ended up being cheaper through Newegg when shipping was combined.

    I ended up getting my parts from Newegg about a day faster then ZipZoomFly, but I think that was more to do with using UPS over FedEx. I also happened to have to RMA one item back to each company. In this reguard Newegg was a lot better, their online custerm service chat system was much better then doing everything by phone. They also had a considerably faster turn around time on the RMAd parts, though I think a lot of this came from the difference between UPS and FedEx again.

    While I have nothing bad to say about ZipZoomFly's customer service, Neweggs was noticably better.

    I had checked a number of other vendors too while I was getting the build together. None of the parts I was looking at where noticably cheaper then Newegg, in some cases maybe $1-2 but it was never enough to justify going with a company I wasn't familiar with.

    The cases and the power supplies seem to be the only things that I notice on Newegg that end up being a bit higher then other places. (I'm sure there is more, but not what I was looking at) That almost always comes down to shipping though. If you are only going to order 1-2 parts then you can probably come out a bit cheaper using somewhere other then Newegg but once you get shipping charges combined then Newegg tended to come out on top or at least be the same.
  9. Newegg 99% of the time. ZipZoomFly... 1%. ZipZoomFly takes so much longer then the egg to get your stuff that even if the egg's price is higher, I still rather buy from them.
  10. pricewatch.com - a good resource
    performance-pcs.com - has everything for your cooling and modification/diy/silent needs (and more)
    frozencpu.com - cooling needs gallor
    endpcnoise.com - a lot of quiet/silent stuff

    I do almost all my shopping at newegg, very occasionally I'll find something at performance-pcs that newegg doesn't have. The other site offer some unique things, but I've never used them. As far as components go, all my stuff comes from the 'egg.
  11. I used to go 100% with Newegg until they opened a warehouse in NJ. Now they charge me sales tax. So when I order parts, I always look on both newegg and zipzoomfly because sometimes zzf comes out a few $$ cheaper because of the free shipping and no tax.

    I also go to fatwallet A LOT to find great deals before I even do anything.
  12. Buy.com and mwave have some pretty good deals every so often. Like the Corsair PSU's at Newegg we're $30 more than Buy.com, but I had already ordered mine before I found out. Newegg definitely has good customer service and return processes, probably the best for online computer retail. Things like that definitely keep me going to newegg.

    A few of my friends tout Tigerdirect.com because they have a lot of good rebate deals. Otherwise IMO they suck.
  13. To check out some reliable ratings of the stores just go to


    I love NewEgg.
  14. Zip Zoom Fly and New Egg. You can't go wrong with either. Have ordered many times from both over the years and have always been happy.
  15. In Canada here so its ncix for me...well most of the time.
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