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I have the following build:

Intel E2180
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
2x1GB Super Talent DDR2-800 RAM

My processor is overclocked to 3Ghz (300*10) with 1.39v (set by the "auto" option in my bios).
My RAM is running at DDR2-1000 with 2.1v and 5-5-5-15 timings.
My temperatures are about 23C idle and 42C load.

I can't get this thing to 3.1Ghz stable. What should I change? Also are these settings safe and what is the maximum I should go?
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  1. Anyone? I've got a stable 3Ghz overclock but I want to go further.
  2. well,

    I have running a e2180 on gigabyte p35-ds4 ddr2 800 @ 2.6Ghz

    I have been experimenting with higher speeds

    First get your voltage of auto in your bios. It will allways give more than it needs.

    i run 2.66 with voltage 1.20 complete stable. (prime95during 3 hours )

    I know 3.0 will run stable at 1.3875 ( same 3 hours )

    Higher overclocks are not so easy( forget about 400mhz and multiplie it, 400 is like a brick wall. it is not going to run )

    I have intel's stock cooler :( and can't go higher than 3.2 with voltage 1.425 if i remember correctly but my core temps swing happily to 75° which is to much for me ( you can go with it but i like to play my games tomorrow aswell) i have settled at 2.6 knowing i can go up till 3 Gh.

    toasty you have the arctic cooler so you should be able to go higher

    switch of auto in bios but 1.425 and try 320mhz x 10 and pci express on 100 not auto ( you'll burn your card ) and ram multiplier on 2.40 ( so you get 800 800 )
    that should boot for you
    then try prime95 for about ten min, run speedfan and monitor your temps they should stay lower than mine. if below 60 your cores you can go up try 333 x 10 at 1.45 or 1.46 ( no that specs of e2180 only allow till 1.5 ) closer to it is your risk. and from their on you'll find yourselve a way.

    Hope this helps
  3. Righto, get your voltages off auto. That includes ram. Also make sure your ram is set right. If it is set at say a ratio of 4, it'll be running 1200mhz right now. It wouldn't be able to go further

    Anyways my point is lower it to 2 and set it on some loose timings. Then try it again.

  4. I've got a similar setup, but I've got a Tuniq Tower 120 and G.Skill RAM. I've OC'd the CPU to 3ghz and after a few hours of Orthos, the monitor shut off but the fans continued to spin(not sure about the CPU?). Any idea what I did wrong. It's idling around 24-25C and on load can get as hot as 50C. The Vcore is at 1.39v in my BIOS but CPU-Z says 1.36... Sometimes the computer stays on and the monitor dies, other times the computer restarts. Any ideas?
  5. What is the maximum voltage you would recommend using? All the sources for this processor say 0.85 to 1.5v. Does that mean its safe to run it as high as that? Do you think it will still have a long life?
  6. If the monitor shuts off, I would look at the motherboard. It sounds to me like the Northbridge is getting too hot, or is not getting enough voltage for that high of an overclock. I would look into the heat factor first though...

    You shouldn't run the CPU past 1.5 unless you have extreme cooling. 1.5V on stock cooling will usually result in overheating on loads. If I were running on air cooling, I would be getting nervous at about 1.43 or 1.44V.

    If you are running your DDR2 at 1000 already when it is rated for 800, then your RAM could be holding you back. You can set your ram to a slower speed, loosen the timings and try again.
  7. Yeah, my motherboard will shut down the computer I assume because an overclock is really unstable (monitor will lose the signal) and then restart giving me a chance to get in the bios and fix stuff. Its a nice feature actually. I've tried applying the same settings the motherboard's auto voltage gives it but it isn't stable. I also can't overclock any further (on auto voltages) stably, and anything past 3.1Ghz doesn't even make it to the OS, it generally restarts when I begin to run a stress test program making me think its not getting enough voltage or something. I lower the RAM speed as much as possible when trying a new OC.
  8. If the computer restarts entering windows or starting a stress test, you need more voltage.........I got an E2180 @ 3.0 (10x300) @ vCore 1.3875

    Trying different ways with 7x and 8x multiplier, the CPU seems to have a limit of 333, haven't seen many others go higher
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