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I have the Samsung SH-S203B OEM from It had an old firmware version on it, so I used Samsung's live update software to get the latest firmware. Well, it downloaded the file and then crashed my entire computer during the installation - I mean everything froze, I couldn't do a thing. It stayed frozen for a couple of minutes, then the case speaker started beeping, and I had to manually reset the computer.

When I rebooted, the new firmware version was identified as "BOOT", and the DVD drive didn't work at all anymore. So I then did a manual update of the firmware, and it installed just fine. Now everything appears to be working normally...

Did I mess something up with that first failed update? Is updating firmware as risky as updating motherboard bios? I read from some DVD manufacturing website that if the update process is messed up, then it can damage the DVD drive. Is that true?

Any knowledge or experience with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Probably not. If you updated via Windows that's the problem. Thats why I always recomend using good old DOS to update firmware.
  2. Yeah, I'll be using DOS from now on after this mess. The problem is that it was still locked up in the flashing process when I had to manually restart my PC. I'm just paranoid that it may have really screwed something up.
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