How the hell do i fit the mobo?

Hi, I am building a new system for friend and he chose this: case.

Anyway, inside there are these "bumps" that i think we need to screw the mobo to. Mounting pillars are provided but there are only 3 and they make the board sit way to high.

I am worried about mounting on these bumps as they look as if they are made of metal. If anyone could help that would be great. Here are some pics too:


Close up:

Why spacers wont work:
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  1. Dont worry dude. You are suppost to fit those copper risers on the bump and no current goes through the mobo holes anyway. So go ahead mate.
  2. From the last picture as you can see if we fit these brass spacers the motherboard back pannel rises above the holes

    EDIT: we just tried fitting the mobo (with no power ofc) into the case on the bumps and it fits perfectly. I am just not sure.
  3. On that particular case, the bumps serve the same purpose as the gold spacers.
  4. Yup, normal cases use "standoffs", but as we can tell from the pics
    that is not a normal
  5. There is no manual, the case seems a bit wierd i did not think this case would be this random. But i think that the bumps serve the same purpose as the spacers as without using spacers the mobo fits perfectly.

    Its just that i have not seen a design like this before and we only got 3 pillars in this mobo.
  6. You screw right into the bumps. they are built in standoffs....the stand offs work in the threaded holes where there is no bump.

    If your board is a ATX board.

    excuse my ms paint gif :)

    Note some boards are not the full depth so they use different holes(some boards overhand with no standoffs at the end....)..mATX boards use those extras in the middle....

  7. Blue = built in standoffs
    Red = Screw in ones

    wow you must let boards hang far off the end with no standoffs? or you just have a board that is not as deep as a normal ATX board?

    K7S5A not as deep
    GA P35 DS3R(so are many other gigabyte borads) not as deep
    there are others, none that i own

    Unless we know that board in question your accusation means nothing.

    As i said some boards will use different standoffs. Either way when there is no standoffs i use plastic ones for board support against installing ram and such...

    like this but flat on the bottom instead. these onces snap through the tray....but you get the idea....
  8. Is there a chance you can return that hiper power supply? I would if I were you.
  9. Thanks for your help guys.

    We fitted it and it works great!
  10. Cool.

    What board was it. and what else is going into it....
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