Whining noise on new build

Just upgraded my computer with a new motherboard and power supply. All of a sudden I have a "whining" type electrical noise (kinda like noise interference on speakers) whenever something moves on my screen (for instance scrolling up and down on a web page). Sounds almost like a cd or dvd being read by a drive. Here are my specs

EVGA 680i SE mobo (new)
Pentium D 820
Ultra X3 600w PSU (new)
WD Raptor 74g - (had the raptor for years, its never made noise like this, so I'm ruling it out for now)
WD 160gig IDE
Zalman 9700
LiteOn Lightscribe SATA dvd burner - (new)

Any clue to this interference noise? It is VERY annoying, happens even when I run 3dmark, whenever something moves on the screen. Thank you!!
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  1. update bios and sound drivers
  2. May sound silly but are you sure that your cooler cable is not hitting your fan as it speeds up and down with CPU activity. Solved one of those for a person last week. It barely touched but it was enough to make a whine sound.

    Also if you have a cheap sound cable in your DVD check how you have it positioned in your system as it goes to the Motherboard or sound card sound connector since that is analog it can grab EMI.
  3. updated bios and sound drivers. makes the sound when my speakers are OFF. the sound occurs even when I simply move my mouse around the screen. no cables in the way.
  4. I think I know what's making the noise, but not why. I have the same problem and I narrowed the source down to my Ultra X3 600w power supply by listening through a toilet paper tube! Looks like the X3 600w may have a design flaw. I just wrote to Ultra about it. We'll see what they say.
  5. I think I have the same problem. In my case it looks like the sound comes from either CPU or PSU but because they are close to eachother it is difficult to say. Did you find out the fix for it? My CPU is Intel Q9400 and PSU is Zalman ATX 750W. Thanks
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