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i was having the windows 7 then i install windows xp sp2. the windows xp hide the windows 7. now system boots only on windows xp. it does not show the option for operating system and start the windowx xp. now how could i get both the operating system without formating again. i have dual core with 2 gb ram and 250 gb sata with 4 partitions. windows 7 in c whereas windows xp in d.
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  1. The best way to dual boot, is to set up the older OS first.
  2. Couldn't he just set his boot.ini up to show both operating systems and let him choose which to boot?

    I'm not sure why it didn't do it when you installed xp.
  3. Windows 7 doesn't use the boot.ini, it uses the BCD.

    This guide shows how to set up a dual boot with windows 7 and XP. Follow the 2nd method since you installed windows 7 first.
  4. Ah, I'm still using XP, so dunno anything about 7, lol.
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