Question on installing a side case fan

I want to install a side case fan for extra cooling but theres one thing I cant figure out. My case comes with a place to install an additinal side case fan but heres my problem...
How can I connect my fan to the PSU. Since my side pannel is removable how can i close it and THEN connect to the power? I know its seems like a dumb question, but I cant figure it out.
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  1. Try an extension cable that will let you connect the fan before you close the side panel. Then be careful not to pinch the cable as you close the door.
  2. An extension cable, what type of case is it?
  3. Aha an extension cable. As for what type of case...I dont know some sort of generic case, no name anywhere I took one from my company(no I didnt steal it) Now 2 more questons
    1 does a side case fan help much with cooling
    2 if I use an extension does it get much in the way (get caught in the heatsink fan etc..)
    Thanks for the replys by the way.
  4. If you post a picture of the side of the case we could see how effective it would be, help with the routing and possibly identify your case.
  5. Some fans come with Molex connecters, while probably not the best choice for keeping the wires tidy, I'm sure theres a way to keep it at a minimum.
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