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Need advice on a LCD,URGENT my old one died on me, please help

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September 14, 2007 5:20:59 PM

Hi, Im in desperate need for advice on a new LCD Monitor, my old monitor died on me yesterday, and i have a project to finish by tommorow, I am looking for a high quality (reliable) monitor with a 1600x1200 rezolution(or something higher than 1280x1024, since i finally got good hardware for gaming), I was planing on getting a regular non wide screan monitor, but I could not find it anywhere, and my only choices I guess are :

SAMSUNG 204B-BK Black 20" 5ms DVI LCD Monitor:

Samsung 22” Widescreen Monitor (226BW):

ViewSonic 22" Widescreen Monitor (VX2235WM) :

I was planing on getting a regular monitor since it was 1600x1200, instead a widescrean monitor that has a 1680x1050 rezolution, .....why are wide screans better? why arent they?

Is a glosy screan better than a non gloss one?

Will i have issues with wide screan monitors in gaming? I heard some people do have some problems with wide screan monitors/gaming

Any imput would be much apprecieated, I honestly know nothing about monitors , which brand is good?, what to look for? (so far i know the rezolution, and the refresh rate, but the refresh rate on all widescreans i saw was only 60Hz, and i have been to 7 stores in the last 4 hours)

Thank you for all the imput, much oblidged(and needed)

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September 14, 2007 6:08:20 PM

.....oops, sorry for yellin
My Viewsonic VA1912wb has a maximum 75Hz refresh rate.....
September 14, 2007 6:18:56 PM

the samung monitor which i listed has 2 ms response rate, so i guess thats very good, my old 17 incher had also a 75 max refresh rate, the samsung one which im leaning towards (226BW) has a 60Hz one,

will i be able to get lets s ay a 1280x1024 rezolution on the wide screan monitor? (with those black bars), or is it not possible?

which one is better 1600x1200 or the widesscrean 1680x1050? i know the 1600x1200 is good, but will i lookse a lot of "visual" candy in gaming with the widescrean? since its almost 150 pixels less, will i notice it in gaming?
I take it that the 1680x1050 should be better than a 1280x1024 rezolution in i correct?