firewire issue

my hardware is the gigabyte x38-dq6 BIOS F3

After installing a fresh copy of Vista Business, in device manager, i get the following message under the 1394 entry

Error Code 10 cannot start this device

After doing some searches on the internet...i am still stumped...

Does this mean that my on board fire wire is fried (if so, why does Vista still pick it up)...does it mean that Vista has a probem

I do not have any firewire devices...but i plan on getting an external firewire HDD

The onboard Firewire is the Texas Instrument OHCI complient IEEE1394

I have tired to uninstall the device, only to have Vista pick it up, install the drivers and then give the Code 10 message

Trying to find new drivers on the net is useless

I have tried all three bios for the x38 (F3, F4 F5f) with no avail

any suggestions

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  1. Is it onboard or stand alone?
    Either way have u installed drivers for it?
    Id say the card has not been fried, its either a driver issue, or maybe its not compatible with vista
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