Will my PSU run an 8800GTS 320?

I have a Coolmax CX-550B, and I was wondering if it would run these specs without a problem:

74gig Raptor drive
160gig WD IDE drive
Pentium D 2.8
1 dvd burner

I know Nvidia states you need at least 26A on a 12v rail, however, I have 18A on two twelve volt rails, do they combine and count? Thanks. If this does not work, can you reccomend a cheap one that would work?

Here is a link to the stats - http://www.coolmaxusa.com/productDetailsPower.asp?item=CX-300&details=features&subcategory=120mm&category=single
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  1. It should work. Do you see the chart on the website you linked to? Under the +12v rails is a wattage number. Your unit supplies 420watt to the +12v rails. In order to get your amps, divide that by 12. In this case 420/12 = 35 amps. You're good to go.
  2. Thank You! Another question...I also have this power supply X-ULT500P, which PSU would be better for my setup, this one or the one I mentioned above?? THANKS AGAIN!!

    # 500-watts # Dual 80 mm fans
    # Supports Intel Pentium 4 and AMD motherboards
    # ATX ver 2.03 and ATX 12V ver 1.2 compliant
    # Short-circuit Protection
    # In-rush Current Protection
    # Thermal Overload Protection

    # Power Specifications:
    # 115V, 230V switchable power supply
    # +3.3V, 28A
    # +5V, 30A
    # +12V, 34A
    # -12V, 0.8A
    # -5V, 0.3A
    # +5Vsb, 2.0A
  3. Coolmax, I have at least heard of. I have no idea who that company is. Either way, the Coolmax has 50 more watts and 1 extra amp. Stick with that one.
  4. The other company is "Ultra" you know, with the X-connect, can't pick up a computer magazine without one of their ads. Thank you though, I have read on other forums that since the 12V rails are split and run at 18A a piece its not good, they should run 26A a piece, not together, is this true?
  5. The recommendation is for 26 amps on the combined (or single) +12v rail(s). It doesn't matter how you get to 26 as long as you get there. Some people say that a single +12v rail is more efficient than multiple rails, whether or not that is right, I don't know. If you want more in depth info, head over to the PSU, Cases and Case Mod section and read the PSU FAQ sticky. A lot of good stuff in there.
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