APIPA Not setting Gateway

I am connecting two computers through ethernet, it tries first dhcp and falls back to AUto IP configuration mode, where it sets IP address as 169.254.x.x.
When I see 'ipconfig', I can see IP address and mask set but gateway is empty.
I have one dell laptop with, it shows gateway is set to same as IP address.

Why my other two computers are not setting gateway and this dell laptop is setting laptop.

I want this gateway to set during APIPA mode, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. APIPA is automatically assigned by your os when DHCP is failed,,,
    any number of systems with APIPA address connected with Ethernet switch can communicate each other by default

  2. Hi Manojgj,
    Thanks for responding, I understand, they communicate each other. My question is my my computers are not setting gateway, but my laptop is setting that gateway.

    I am using this for my custom project, i need this gateway to be set.

    If you have any idea on this, taht will be great help.
    I searched little bit registry, 'IPAutoConfigration', it only shows enabling and disabling APIPA and does not say anything about APIPA gateway.
  3. The APIPA feature configures the client with the following:

    * IP address
    * Subnet mask

    The APIPA feature cannot configure the client with any other TCP/IP configuration:

    * Default gateway
    * DNS server IP address
    * WINS server IP address
    You have to use an alternate configuration to provide the above TCP/IP configuration information to a client when no DHCP server is available for the client.

    check this link .. it will give the complete solution
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