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my computer is stuck in a constant boot loop, it has only started after i cut the power while it was booting, my ga-ex58-extreme gets to 88 or 8.8 then reboots or i might have zaped a usb controller while installing a fan yes i now fail but i got knocked annd touched it case is RV 01 i7 920 mobo ga ex 58 extreme gpu gtx 560 ti
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  1. Does it get to the Windows load screen? Does it let you select the boot options like Safe Mode?

    Could have damaged the hard-drive during the power cut, it does not often happen but can. Take out the drive, and install it as a secondary in another system (either inside the case or using an external enclosure), see if you can view the files on the drive.
  2. it might have damaged the HDD but i doubt it.
    i actually think its the BIOS it goes through the boot arrr thing... cant remember the right word, the problem happens after "C6" "expanding bios to DRAM" after that step it 88's and reboots

    true / false??? or something else?
  3. If you can't get past the BIOS, it's probably not the hard drive. Have you tried to do a BIOS reset to defaults? Or possibly reflash the BIOS with a boot disk?
  4. i took the MOBO battery out for 2 hr's and that got me out of the 3 sec instant 88'ing.

    i have held the cmos and power button for 15 sec and yea thats how i got into the instant 88'ing.

    i have tested each stick of ram individually.

    i think the 2nd one reset the bios to default????

    and i have no idea how to reflash the BIOS with a boot disk.

    i think a major problem here is i cant even get the screen to turn on as in it doesn't even flash just no device detected from monitor 24/7

    it's not the GPU either brand new and tested in other system and i tested my GTS 250 back in this system
  5. If you pull out the bios battery, unplug the PC from the wall for a few seconds, it will reset the BIOS. You may actually have a corrupt BIOS. Does the motherboard come with a backup bios chip? Some new higher-end boards do, check your manual.
  6. yes the board has a dual bios setup.

    wouldn't the bios battery be the mobo battery that i pulled out already??? if not where might i find it?

    corrupt bios i think is what i have for a couple of week prior i kept on getting a check sum error while booting.

    and as i discovered i never actually updated my bios i the 2 years i've had the board there are about 11 newer bios drivers.

    i have the newer bios on USB but i have no idea how to flash the bios or how to get the screen to flash any ideas for my circumstance?
  7. If you have a dual bios, just restore the second one, unless you tried that already. Bios update varies on the vendor, usually you need to create a DOS boot disk with the flashing application and the BIOS file, and run that after the computer boots to the media. You'd have to check on the vendor web site for exact procedure though.
  8. the dual bios i think is meant to automatically restore but it hasn't i'm going to my tech guy tomorrow to get the bios flash and a full checkup if that doesn't work
  9. I don't think it's an automatic restore, check the manual. There is probably a dip switch or a jumper to move to the backup BIOS.
  10. i had the techy have a look today said the mobo night be dead but they'll get back to me in 2 days with the final results
  11. there was a problem with the MOBO my techy sent it back to the manufacturer to get fixed
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