Need help installing after-market GPU cooling

Hey all. I am wanting to install an aftermarket VGA cooler on a 8800gt. My main question isnt what cooler to buy but exactly how to remove the old stock cooler. As I look at the the pics of the card, I wonder do I need a specific tool that will remove the screws that are used to fasten the stock cooling? Because it doesnt look like a typical phillips head screwdriver will do the job.

Also, as far as attaching new heatsinks to the gpu, what compound do you recommend? Do you use an adhesive such as the kind Arctic silver makes?

I am thinking of using the Thermaltake HR03 or Zalman Vf900 and preferences between the two that i should know about? I really want an easy install process.

I read a guide on installing the HR903 but it did not talk at all about what adhesive to use to adhere the sinks, or exactly how to remove those pesky screws.

Anyone have experience with this?
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  1. Hey man, im also looking at using a aftermarket cooler for my 8800. I checked on the Zalman site and I dont see the 8800GTS on the Zalman VF900-Cu Compatibility list, anyone using one of those on their card?
  2. The screws are very easily removed (and replaced), or at least they were on mine, using a small cross head electronics screwdriver.
    I've seen reports of people using the VF900 - the VF1000 is also compatible but both of these fans offer poor ram/mosfet cooling solutions ie glue on tiny heatsinks onto each ram/mosfet chip.
    Personally I'm going to wait for someone to produce a heatsink that won't fall off!!! ie attaches via the screw mounts.
    Shouldn't be too long a wait... should it?
  3. I have a vf900cu on my card, which has got to be one of the hottest cards on the planet, and it works wonders. The ram heatsinks come with adhesive already applied, they have yet to fall off and seem to be set on there pretty well, so I wouldn't worry about that. I would prefer something with screw mounts, but aftermarket cooling companies have been using the sticky pads for so long that I doubt that they'll change it anytime soon.

    Below is a link to a fella who was able to put a vf900 on an 8800gt. I don't know the place where he got the separate mosfet heatsinks, but that seems like a very good idea to me.

    Good luck!
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