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Hi everyone! Need advice on which mobo I should buy? I want the new quad core AMD barcelona proceesor but don't know which mobo will support it? Help plz!
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  1. Pcnation has a Tyan model s3970G2N-U-RS server board for $242 that has 2 sockets and 8 ddr2 slots that should work fine. You have to use bios version 2.02. Don't know if the board will post using barcelona without a bios update first. Registered ddr2 memory is required. Crucial carries a 2 gig kit of registered ddr2 pc4200 for $140. This board isn't designed for overclocking. If you want to overclock, wait for phenom. Server boards in general are designed for stability, not performance.
  2. Do you know when the phenom will be released?
  3. And i'm definitely looking for performance
  4. Just curious, how much does that processor cost? Is it faster than a Q6600?
  5. Newegg has the 1.7 ghtz barcelona for $239. It runs at 55w, which is about half of a b3 stepping q6600. But I haven't compared benchmarks. Hopefully, phenom will be out in early 08. The tyan board I quoted was one of the cheapest available. So you're looking at about $620 mimimum for the cpu, board, and 2 gigs of memory. Heatsink is extra. Msi has a single socket barcelona board due out soon, but I doubt if it's cheaper than the tyan.
  6. But is the Msi going to perform better than the Tyan?
  7. It's possible, but it will still use registered memory, which will cost you more. I would spend the extra $40 for the go q6600 and save on memory, or wait for phenom.
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