Desktop and taskbar just keeps flashing. Can't click on anything.

A few days ago I noticed that every time I'd click on a link from google I would be redirected to another site. I looked it up and it was spyware.

I used my computer once or twice after that with no problems (except the google redirecting thing) Today I turned it on to get rid of that spyware but the desktop and taskbar just flashes. I was able to click on the internet icon but I turned the computer off since it was flashing too much. I turned it on again and now it won't let me click anything at all. Although I tried alt+tab and that worked.

How can I fix this? I'm worried that there isn't a way since I can't even click on anything..
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  1. sorry, i have no idea why this posted three times.. :|
  2. Boot into Safe mode with networking

    Download & Run Malwarebytes! Freeware
    It'll do the rest!
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