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I'm hooking my GA P35-DS3R mobo into my Antec Nine Hundred Case. My question is this, I am not seeing any plug to hook up to that 4 pin speaker connection in the bottom right corner of my mobo so the systems can beep when it posts. Am I missing something here?

Also, I have the 2 pin power connector to hook up in the bottom right corner, but I'm not seeing the 3 pin power led connector that hooks just to the left of it.

Can someone tell me if I'm missing these parts, if my case just doesn't have them, or if I'm doing something wrong?

Also, if somebody has a pic of their DS3R hooked up in an Antec Nine Hundred, that would help a lot.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. The Antec 900 does not come supplied with a speaker, hence no connector. If you feel you need to attach a speaker, you will need to purchase and install one (should be cheap).

    The case does, however, come supplied with a Reset switch, Power switch, Power LED and Hard Drive LED. The Power LED connector may come as 2 separate cables/connectors rather than a single 3-pin connector. If you're still having problems finding this connector, trace the cable that exit the Power LED at the top of the case.
  2. There is not a Power LED....the fans do that job :)

    And yes no speaker but they are cheap at radio shack or from an old machine....

    I've been meaning to put one in....but you know....lazy.....yeah....
  3. Strange - I read the manual for the Antec 900 before posting, and it clearly stated there was a power LED. However, I don't have the case, so if you do then I will have to bow to your superior knowledge :)
  4. I am looking at the Antec 900 User's Manual (Version 1.0.1 - 7-11-2006)that came with my case, and on the bottom of page two, there is a section titled "Connecting the Power and LED". The second item listed says "Connect the Power LED (labeled POWER LED) connector to the PWR LED connector on the motherboard.

    Looking at the actual case, however, shows that there are only three "front panel"-type connectors for the motherboard - the power switch, reset switch, and HDD LED.

    Clearly, as Nukemaster said, all of the LED-illuminated fans will surely act as "power-on" LEDs. Besides, the sussurant sound of all of those spinning fans would be hard to miss.


  5. With the fans on low its not too 6 hard drives are louder then the fans :(
  6. There is only a hard drive LED for the 900, no power led.
  7. no Power LED - the manual actually says that the LED fans serve in the place of power LED. There is a HDD LED as stated. I am building in the case as I write. A shame that Antec doesnt include at least a tiny speaker just to hear posting beeps... Im off to destroy some old thing to cannibalize for a speaker...
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