Leadtek GeForce 7600GT AGP version cooling?

So this is the card that's coming in the mail for me next week, and I'm thinking about buying additional cooling before it even gets here. Picture of the board as follows...

http://leadtek.com/eng/3d_graphic/image/winfast_a7600_gttdh_2.jpg - PCB from the official website.

I wanted to get something such as the Zalman CF700 cooler to throw on there, as it is one of the only coolers I found that should be compatible with it. (appearently the only one I found that is compatible with the 7600 GT AGP version :( )

So here's what worries me. What is that diagonal rectangle heatsink directly south-east of the GPU heatsink? I'm sure it serves a purpose and it doesn't look like any modded coolers support whatever it could be.

I see four memory chips on top, could those be two more, or not likely?
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  1. I am supplying a link to a review that explains it all and i dont think there is any need for after market cooling on this card any way Just my opinion though.
    Mactronix :)
  2. Ah bingo, thanks Mac!

    Yep, it seems like a really cool card in terms of heat output and stock cooling. However, I think I want to push the card from its normal 560 core to around 620ish. With my setup, I would most-likely gain approx 600 points in 3dmark05 (would estimate an original score of approx. 5900, to about 6200 overclocked) Give or take. This is considering all the great reviews I've read on this card (I see some people got it over 700+MHz stable core clock with aftermarket cooling)

    I think i'll send Zalman an email asking them if they have any solutions to cool this card. Other than that, any other suggestions? Think I should be fine with the stock cooler, with a little overclock?
  3. Well i didnt read it all just the start but it did say the fan runs quite slow as its an open design didnt see if it had a speed control on it.
    Personally i would get it and try it first its no real hardship to try it out monitor the temps and if need be get the after market cooler later.
    Send Zalman that Email anyway then you will know what you can get for it.
    Happy tinkering
    Mactronix :)
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