can different brand ram work together

I am going to buy 2 more gigs of ram for my upgrade to vista x64. On Newegg they have the Mushkin ram I have in my computer now for $70, and a set of A-Data with the same specs for $60 -$10 mail in rebate($50 total). Would i be able to use the a-data ram in my computer or would I have to buy the same set of Mushkin again. I am asking becuase I have read about people who have compatability issues where the new ram is not recognized.Thanks.

Here is a link to the two sets of ram.
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  1. Never heard of those brands... but in theory you should have no problem...
  2. Those two will work fine with each other.
  3. I mix Kingston value Ram with Micron Dell branded Ram without any problems. Even if you put 533MHz Ram with 800MHz Ram, all the Ram will only run at the slowest Ram in the system.
  4. Yes in about 95% of cases there won't be a problem, I'm running 2 different brands in my system with no problem.
  5. Do salt and pepper work good together ?

    mushkin is very very good ram.
  6. I have a similar question that might sound stupid.

    I have 2gb of Corsair 8500C5D and I want to upgrade to something higher than 4gb. Can I get 2x2gb of Corsair 6400C5DHX and just add that to what I have now for a total of 6gb. They have slightly different timings. The 8500 is 5-5-5-15 the 6400 is 5-5-5-18. I dont really know how much affect the timings have. What would the best memory to add to the memory I have or would it make more sense to change to 4x2gb 800.
  7. To the guy who hasn't heard of Mushkin... WTF?

    To the OP, yes you should be fine... if you're buying all new you should obviously buy matching memory, but in the case of an upgrade, mismatched memory SHOULD work together without a problem.
  8. I haven't heard of mushkin. And your point, rodney, would be? Is that a problem or something? tit.
  9. Me, I would go exact same Brand/Model/Speed. What can happen is your BIOS may need to be manually configured.

    If you can easily return them in case that they are not working well, try it!
  10. aziraphale said:
    I haven't heard of mushkin. And your point, rodney, would be? Is that a problem or something? tit.

    I think what rodeny means is it like knowing of a Toyota car but never hearing of Honda before.
  11. Mushkin land...You know, like wizard of OZ.

    Oh...I guess that was munchkin.
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