[Request] NISIS K7 Keyboard driver

Found an old K7 NISIS keyboard lying about, and fell in love with it. Bad news is that I lost the driver disc, probably threw it away when I lost the keyboard (Don't ask. Please.).

Anyone happen to have the disc and be willing to rip the iso from it so I can use the best keyboard ever made?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. keyboards do not require special drivers to function. If the keyboard has some special function keys you can download the software from the manufacturer, or map them yourself to whatever command you like.
  2. The company that made the keyboard, NISIS, has dissapeared, and so has their website.
    This keyboard does require special drivers to function. I tried installing it the usual way, and it doesn't work. One orange light on it appears.

    Unless ofcourse I'm doing something wrong, in which case, enlighten me.
  3. is it a ps2 keyboard or a usb keyboard? Does it require an external power source or batteries? Does windows detect the keyboard and allow you to use the regular qwerty keys?
  4. It's a ps2 keyboard. It doesn't work at all unless you have the driver disc. No, windows does not detect the keyboard. No, it does not allow you to use ANYTHING on the keyboard.
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