Tricky USB root hub with MSI P35 Neo board

Hi. I've bought a new MSI P35 board and I'm struggling a bit with the USB's drivers.

Basically what happens is that when I install the Intel INF drivers, then every USB port in my system becomes unusable. Windows shows that there is an error with all eight "USB root hubs" with a warning symbol on Device Manager and none of my USB devices work.

I can fix this easily by unistalling every USB root hubs in device manager and going back to Windows default controllers. Then the printer and card readers removable drives are working as normal, as do every other USB related stuff, so this is not a hardware problem, as USB stuff is fine on Linux in this very same system.

OK, not big deal at all because I can work with USB stuff this way, but these INF drivers are supposed to be the right stuff for my hardware and I'd like to use them.

I tried both Intel's Chipset Software Installation Utility (from my board's section at MSI page) and (newest from Intel) and both broke my USB ports.

So, is this a known issue? Any known fix? I googled extensively for it and found nothing.

Any ideas?

TIA :na:
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  1. Pater;

    I had the same problem just install XP2 on the MSI P35 platinum board.
    All the usbhubs were in yellow in the device manager.


    I went to device manager and uninstalled the usb root hubs in yellow first then all the "USb Universal controllers" . Ensure you unistall all of the USB controllers. Then I rebooted the machine.

    Once rebooted windows will reacquire the USB devices and one by one the yellow usb root hubs went away

    hope this helps cheers
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