Cant copy files from internal hard drive to external hard drive using linux


I have a Dell computer where one of the loading .dll files came up 'missing' one day, so it won't boot. I want to get all the photos and other docs off the hard drive. I had downloaded one version of linux and was able to see the files on the internal hard drive, but was unable to copy them to a memory stick or external hard drive. Now I've downloaded ubuntu and booted off a memory stick... this time, it's telling me that the internal hard drive has all kinds of bad sectors and won't let me access any of the files on there. Here's what I have at my disposal to solve the problem:

-Desktop PC with Windows XP (missing .dll on internal hard drive so won't boot)
-Laptop with Windows Vista
-500GB WD external hard drive
-2GB memory stick

How can I get the important files off of the internal hard drive in the desktop computer? That's the most important thing. Next, is trying to re-install Windows on there to get the computer back to normal.

Any thoughts?

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  1. there's lot of windows live tools available, why are you trying with linux

    get Hirens boot cd .. it has livexp
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