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Just thourght I could post here and get some feedback on how i am doing so far with my first overclock. I am using an E6600 with an OCZ Vanquisher heatsink. I have 4 intake 80mm fans and 1 outtake 120mm fan. 700watt psu, 3gb ram, asus p5b, 8800gts.

I haven't checked stability yet due to time constraints however I will be running for at least 3 hours tomorrow.

First of all i changed the frequency to 333 to get 3ghz but it took that with ease with temps of low to mid 50's so i tried for 3.2, i put the frequency up to 355 and increased the voltage to 1.35 however i have no idea why the screens show 1.272 (if someone could explain that?).

It booted fine, has been running fine for 2 hours whilst playing counterstrike: source.

As I said I'm running a stability test tomorrow and for Christmas I'm getting new Crucial Balistix Tracer 800mhz RAM and a new case.

Just wanted to make sure I'm doing this right. Screenshot below.


And yes, im running Vista 64 and its absolutely brilliant!
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  1. I think you should be able to lower the voltage a little more. Maybe 1.3v? My Quad can do those speeds at 1.3125v.

    Oh and cpuz doesn't read voltages correctly.

    Finally run Prime for at least 6hours, take careful notice of your temps.

    Other than that looks like you're doing fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i tried all the voltages from and including 1.3 up to 1.35 and windows would only boot with 1.35.

    Thanks anyway, ill run prime tomorrow.

    Edit: Don't really understand Prime95. Ill use the N-Tune CPU stress test instead that should be as good. If not let me know asap. Thanks.
  3. Ran a stress test for 30 mins and the temps were up to 71 which i didn't like.

    Put the frequency and voltage down a bit, now running at 3.1ghz. Ran stress test for 3 hours and its fine max temps of 68.
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