Someone with java expertise please help.

I'm having trouble with a windows gadget. It's a computer status gadget that gives you various information about your system. Such as, processor load, ram usage, network activity, recycle bin as well as other features. This "computer status" in it's original version was very useful but since the windows gadget gallery has been taken down you've had to find gadgets on other websites.

The one I've found is an updated version of the original computer status gadget. It was updated by someone in china and I have translated the Chinese text to English. What's odd is that the bug from the original version still exists in this updated version. The bug is shown in the image below.

I believe the problem is in the settings.htm or js/settings.js

The gadget is here:
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  1. That's not Java.
  2. looks like it
    all the more reason i need help :P
    what is it, so I can change the title?
  3. I'm pretty sure it's JavaScript, cannot be 100% sure though as I have never used it.
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