M2N-32 Sli Deluxe

hi all

have always had problems with this board. intermittently will not boot and emits one long and two short beeps. have had the graphics card thoroughly checked twice and the memory is corsair XMS2 which is recommended for this board.

in the past messing around with ram configs or moving the graphics card between slots has occasionally worked. this lead me to believe it may be ram problem and the board ran fine for around two months with only one of my two gb sticks in.

went to boot the board recently and it couldnt read the bios chip. stuck the mobo disk in and flashed the bios. the machine flashed the bios and then would not reboot and emitted the one long and two short beeps again (i know this is supposed to mean faulty graphics adapter but i have had the graphics card tested twice by the resellers and am confident this is not the problem). since this i have completely stripped down and rebuilt the pc and nothing has worked. unfortunately i have no other hardware to test stuff out with.

i have tried to get in touch with asus but as usual their legendary customer support cannot get back to me. i am uk based and it would seem that there is no component support line, only one for laptops. im at the end of my patience with this now and i just want to be able to play crysis on release. any suggestions?

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  1. I had the same board that gave me stability problems.

    The black ram slots are more stable. Is your video in the upper slot?


    I got it to work prime stable at stock. No random freezes/restarts. Once overclocked, it was unstable.
  2. ive tried ram in all different configs. both in black. both in yellow. one in black one in yellow. just one of each etc etc.

    also taken off all overclocks and reset the cmos so that is not it.

    also tried video in both slots. has worked in various configs on and off. never been stable though and since i had to flash the bios cannot even get it to post
  3. I'd say to call Asus tech support and tell them your story, but they're a bunch of idiots from personal experience. (trying to tell me a BIOS chip wasn't bad when it had "NO" written on it!!!!)

    Could be a bad board. Could be a bad BIOS chip. I think it's probably one of those two, but I'm no expert.
  4. I also have this mobo and it is AWFUL

    I never was able to make the onboard soundcard work (the sound chirps, has static and goes up and down). I gotta use USB headphones

    About once a week it wont load windows several times in a row

    And finally, it randomly crashed while I play games, use word or firefox

    I'll definitely try what you recommend in that link, akhilles!
  5. i think im just gonna buy a cheap alternative for the sake of having my pc up and running. any suggestions? anyone selling anything?
  6. I agree: it's probably the only solution anyway
  7. it really is a shame that asus cannot get their fat corporate asses together and sort this out for me. i for one will not be buying asus products again.

    although i doubt the loss of one customer in the uk will have them weeping into their pillow
  8. This just came to me. That board has a cold boot issue. If you turn it off from the front power button, it won't load windows (bsod) after a while. The workaround is it to run memtest to keep it warm for 10-20 mins & then it loads windows ok. It weirded me out.

    Maybe a biostar t-force 550?
  9. all i get is the bleeps tho, im unable to load anything or boot into anything at all. i think the only answer is a good hard stamp with a hobnailed boot to be honest.

    i'll look into that board thanks. what are the differences between the 590 and 550 chipset? is it just sli capability?
  10. Look at the table near the bottom for the chipset comparison:

  11. ta la
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