Centurion 534 Front Audio Ports

Has anyone with a Cooler Master Centurion 534 case or any Cooler Master Case for that matter been able to get the front Audio Ports to work? I have an MSI K9A AM2 Platium MOBO.

Initially I could not get the HDD LED light to work on the case until a friend of mine across town told me his cooler master case just had that one connector wired backwards. So I fliped that connector reverse of all the others and the HDD LED worked.

My front audio port has not worked from day one. I flipped it backwards also and still no go.

Any Ideas from the Forum on this one?
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  1. I got mine to work by connecting the AC 97 cord in. It didn't work on HD Audio. Does yours have Azalia, AC 97 and HD Audio?
  2. I believe it has those cords. I know it definately has a AC97 cord. I will have to try that later today. Thank you for the advice.
  3. Dude! It worked!!!! Thank you man!!! Awesome!!! Now I can talk to my friends on Command & Conquer 3 while playing. And on Madden 08 too! Thanks!!!
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