Broken retention clip...

Was inserting an extra 2GB RAM into the spare 2 sockets i have in my mobo, and clever me managed to break one of the retention clips when pressing the module in.

Secured the other clip and it still seems sturdy. Switched on and got blue screen, restarted and have did at least 5 reboots and a stress test and is running ok. I have 4GB in total with 3.5 GB displaying in system properties which is normal i believe. No problems at bootup either.

Can i get away with this broken retention clip as it's a brand new motherboard and I really don't want to take it out and replace it! I would rather just leave that module free if worst came to worst.
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  1. If you are not getting errors anymore ie reboots BSOD etc. then you will be ok, but let it be known that movement of tower, a knock, even RAM may just come loose on its own, will cause system instability or even a non boot event. I would see how it goes for a while
  2. Yup, Just checked with Sisoft Sandra and it's detecting all RAM slots perfectly fine too.

    We'll see how it goes
  3. I suggest you secure it somehow, because if it falls out of place while the PC is on, those small pins at the bottom may touch something they should not and create a short. That will cause a BANG and a smell of smoke. Will probably burn your RAM and maybe even your motherboard. So look into it ASAP and DO NOT leave it like that hanging.
  4. if it is a tight fit and it doesnt seem loose or likely to fall off, i'd think it would be just fine

    Would it be possible to repair the clip with glue or something?...
  5. you might get somthing called "chip crepe" its when the module gets hot and cold repeatedly and will eventually work it self out of the socket. But yes you will be better to find some way to retain the module if possible. Hot glue from a hot glue gun might work, but have not tried it though. But then again if needed to remove the module at a later date for what ever reason will be a problem. Good luck!
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