Gigabyte P35-DQ6


I have recentley purchased the above board with an Intel Cor 2 Duo E6850 3GHZ processor, I have updated the board to the latest version of the BUIOS from Giga-bytes website but have the following problem

I am trying to change the CPU multiplier but when I do, the multiplier remians the same ( I was under the impression that these CPU's were unlocked?) Even after changing th FSB from 333 to 400 the CPU speed remains at 3GHZ although the memory becomes over clocked, any ideas on what the problem is please?
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  1. The E6850's multiplier is locked. You can reduce it, but not increase it. For an unlocked multiplier, you have to buy a Core 2 Extreme.
  2. The only core2 products that are locked at the "extreme" processors of which the e6850 is not. However, you should be able the change the FSB from 333mhz (stock for e6850) up to get an OC. Going straight to 400 is not the best idea as this could cause the machine to not post. And i hope you are rebooting after you set it, cause it wont change till you reboot.
  3. yes i have chnaged to 400 and the memory speed has increased as expected, after rebooting, the PC is fine go back into BIOS and see the FSB has saved, is there any more I can do then to increase the performance,

    Spec is

    Enermex 450w PSU
    Giga-byte P35-DQ6
    Intel E6850
    2 GB Ram - Corsair 2 x 1gb TwinX DD2 8500 Dominator

    Any recomended settings?

    I have made some improvements using RAM timmings of 5-5-5-15
  4. And A GeForce 8800GTS 640 garphics card
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