Corsair Flash Voyager --- General help plz


I just got Corsair Flash Voyager 2Gb.

1]Now when i plugged in my comp. it directly started, so i wonder if i need to format it before use.

2] The pack have included lanyard and usb extension but no truecrypt software. (have they discountinued providing the same?)

3] If and when i format my pen drive on comp. what system shall i select for best performance ? FAT or FAT32 ? , i am using XP Sp2.
* NTFS option is not there i wonder why ?
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  1. Format before use not required.
    2GB models don't have the Truecrypt software pre-installed for some reason (probably to save money?)
    I have my USB drives formated NTFS. I dont think the file system will change the read/write performance.
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