I am building a high end system and it has come down to storage. I have ordered two Seagate 7200.11 750 Gig harddrives. Here is my question.

1. Would I see any huge difference between just Raid 0 with the Sata Drives or a single 15K 147 Gig Ultra320 SCSI for my operating system?

2. If I add the SCSI drive would I see any benifit in having two in raid0 with the SCSI?

3. Or should I look at just a raptor?

Last I know this is off topic here hope no one minds me asking this in this section? I have a 900 watt sparkle PS will this handle the following.

Maximus Extreme MB
3870X2 Video Card
1 Blue Ray DVD
1 Standard DVD
4 Harddrives.
4 Gig ddr3 memory

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  1. Go with a 7200.11 SATA drive. Imo, SCSI is unnecessary for you, unless you run some thing smiler to a file server,etc.
  2. do not use SCSI because just like IDE, it shares a line with ALL the other devices in the chain. and, its way harder to configure if your devices do not self-terminate. in case you dont know, serial lines, SCSI, and SATA all use the same type of technology. Except that, SCSI shares cables and must have a termination point (point at where the chain of devices ends). SATA is serial, but its a 1-device, self terminating connection. also, SATA is faster. A LOT FASTER!!
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