Can you overclock a cpu to much?

e6300 is normaly 1.86Ghz.

I am currently running at 3.325 (7x475) with a v core of 1.30. Dual prime95 stable for 7hrs now.

Other than heat, (highest temp so far is 47c on stress test) what other way can you greatly shorten the life of the cpu?

It was my understanding that overheating was the killer of CPU's that are OC'd
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  1. Nice overclock, im no expert but thats good. Your temps are fine, mine get upto high 60's when under stress so you have no worries.

    What cooling do you have?
  2. I am more concerned with the over all picture though. I realize that OC'ing will shorten the life of any CPU, but what is the primary cause of it? Heat? Stress? Any input guys?

    Thanks Puglet,

    I am all air cooling. My heatsink is the Ultra 120 Extreme (see sig) My case is a CM690. I have 5 x 140mm fans, 2x120mm fans and 1 80mm fan blowing on the back of my MB tray. And its all pretty quiet.
    If you do a search of my name, you can find various threads where I post pictures of my fan set up. Or I can post them again if I want.
  3. Sorry a bit of topic however i'm considering buying the same case as you. Would you recommend it? Its either that or the Thermaltake Tsunami.
  4. no experiance with the Tsunami, but I like the CM690 and I dont like the Antec 900. I think the 900 is one ugly case.

    Yes, the case is very good. Even if you dont go the extra mile and get alot of fans, it comes with 3 x 120mm fans that are decent.
  5. I'm not an expert but i would guess that heat and overvoltage is the quickest way to kill a cpu. Heat is ok aslong as you have a cooler that dissipates it. As for overvoltage thats just bad anyway, it stresses the physical compent like bending a Dr Pepper can too much causes it to split.

    I use the Antec 900 & Ultra Extreme 120 and think it's one of the most awsome looking cases about :kaola:, aswell as being great at cooling my pc and indirectly cooling my mouse hand during games.
  6. A general rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees celcius that you run your CPU, you will half the life of the CPU.

    Voltages can kill a CPU quickly if you overvolt it. However, upping the voltages a little, for stabilization, shows only minimal impact on the lifespan.
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