help me pick a graphic card for my new build

i'm doing a new build and need help picking a graphic card. i have p5k deluxe, core 2 duo E6850, true power quattro 850w. now i've narrowed it down to either, radeon 2900 xt, 2900 pro, or the 8800 gts. any recoomendation on any of them. i hear alot of people saying no to the 2900 xt. but i've heard its getting better due to alot better drivers so i was leaning towards that one. but i just don't know
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  1. I would go with the 8800 GTS 320 MB, best value for your money.
  2. and that card would run games like world in conflict and like command and conquer 3 nicely?
  3. If i was building now i would wait for the new cards that are meant to be coming out in november from both ATI and Nvidea.

    I wouldn't worry about C&C3 gfx.. I ran that on high P4 3.2 w/ 7800GS.. of course only 1280x1024 (lcd res).
  5. I agree with mactronix, there's supposed to be new cards from both nvidia and ATI coming out in mid november that will either be faster or cheaper than the current cards
  6. HTF said:
    and that card would run games like world in conflict and like command and conquer 3 nicely?

    Imaging spending 600 bucks on a GeForce 8800 Ultra, you select 1280x1024 and see a framerate of merely 37 FPS. Well, imagine this then, things will only get worse from here on. In any case you'll need a GeForce 8800 GTS 640 class graphics or higher adapter to be able to utilize the Very high IQ mode. Mind you that 4xAA and 4xAF is enabled here. Forfeiting AA however resulted in a very minor performance difference

    This is why you shouldn't get the 8800GTS 320MB.>>
  7. I just installed two 8800Ultras / so i have one 8800GTX for sale $400.I also work as a reviewer for a new hardware review site. email me if your interested.The 8800GTX is 3 months old.
  8. The HD2900PRO is excellent for the money - probably the best value in its class.
  9. looking at the link systemloard gave me. looks like the 8800 gtx does really well in all of them.
  10. wish the 2900 pro was in it
  11. The Pro is a better deal than the GTS, beats it in many cases as well...and there's still overclocking. :)
  12. evongugg,

    I think the 2900pro would actually be a better value for the money than the GTS 320.
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