Intel Pentium D 805 to 925 worth the upgrade?

I picked up a barebone system with an ASRock mobo with VIA chipset and a Pentium D805 processor last year. I recently noticed that the Pentium D 925 has dropped below $100, and am considering upgrading.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade? I can't find a direct benchmarking comparison of the two. I am not overclocking - just running at the regular speed.

How about power consumption. I understand the 805 is a bit of a pig in this department - how does the 925 compare?
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  1. IMO, no - not worth the upgrade.

    I think the power consumption is the same (95W). The 925 is made with a smaller, more efficient process (65nm), but it's clocked higher and has more cache.

    My advice is to check your model of motherboard on Asrock's website and see if it's compatible with the Core2Duos. If so, consider an E2160 which are also under $100.
    If not, save the money and upgrade your whole system when you can afford too. Buying another Pentium D is just a waste of money.
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