New file server build...problems seeing RAID 5 in Windows XP Pro


I have a problem seeing my RAID 5 array in Windows XP Pro, under Disk Management. I realize that my setup may not be the best for a RAID 5 setup, but it's cost effective and has some measure of redundancy in my estimation.

Hoping to find someone who has done a similar successful setup, and can tell me what I am missing or have done incorrectly. Thanks!

RAID 5 array shows up under Intel Storage Manager, but not under Disk Management in XP. No way that I can see to format or assign a drive letter to the RAID 5 array.

Configuring RAID 5 array using DOS utility or Storage Manager has same result (not seen in Disk Management.)

New system build:

Gigabyte Mobo - GA-EP35-DS3R (w/ onboard ICH9R controller)
Intel E2160 Proc 1.8ghz
Western Digital HDs x4 (RAID 5 config) - These are the RAID drives from WD, WD7500AYYS
Western Digital HD x1 - 320 SATA II drive for the OS
new case, new psu, older but perfectly functional ATI graphics card
All MS updates and service packs applied

Things I did and/or checked:
Set BIOS to RAID (which enables "DOS" RAID Management Utility")
Installed the Intel drivers using the F6 method at the beginning of the XP install (to 320 GB drive). Completed OS and driver install successfully.
Configured RAID Array (on 4 x 750GB drives) using Intel DOS RAID Management Utility, then booted to XP
Installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager 7.8
Initialized array under Storage Manager
Checked Device Manager (per Intel instructions) and verified that correct drivers were installed for controller.

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  1. I think I see youre problem. You have created a RAID5 using 4 750GB drives under XP Pro. That would equate to a volume that is just over 2TB in size. And that is your problem. Windows XP 32-bit does not support any disk (or RAID volume) greater than 2TB.

    I'm assuming that there is currently no data on the volume, so you wouldn't mind deleting and re-creating it. I would recommend the following:
    1) delete your current volume
    2) Use the disks to create a new volume that is no greater than 2047GB (recommend doing this in the Intel Matrix Storage Console rather than the Option ROM). You can select this on the second to last page of the wizard.
    3) you've still got a little space left on the array. Go ahead and create another RAID5 volume using the remaining space (select Array_0000 to put the new volume on instead of selecting disks)

    Another option to a second RAID5 volume would be to create a small RAID0 volume if you wanted to have a small but fast volume.
  2. Ahhhh, that was exactly it. Thank you so much. I kind of knew about the 2TB limit, but I must have figured it would only show 2TB in disk management....but still display it. I was really stumped! lol

    thanks again!
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