How well does the x1900xt run now compared to current gen cards?

Heya, i still got my good old sapphire ati radeon x1900xt that i bought last year for my rig. My other specs are pretty good still running on dual core and 4 gigs ram, however im wondering as to how fair does my gfx card run now to cards such as the 8600 gt and other dx10 cards? Is it not enough to run crysis at decent speeds and time for an upgrade? thanks.
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  1. X1900XT is still a very good fine , and it destros the 8600GT in every game

    8800GTX > 8800GTS 640 > 8800GTS 320 > X1950XTX > X1950XT> X1900XT

    do u have problems with games ?
  2. I was fairly sure but have just checked on the cpu charts and they have it beating a 1950 pro on the 4 benchmarks i picked at random so i would say you still have a solid card there.
    As the 1950 pro will eat a 8600gt for breakfast i wouldnt even consider that range of cards,you would have to go up th a 8800 series card or the 2900Pro/XT to make it worth while.
    Both ATI and Nvidea are due to release cards to sit between the 1900s and the 8800s performance wise in november so if i were you i would sit tight for now,Crysis will be scalable any way they say it will run well on a machine up to 2 years old but obviously that wont be with all the eye candy on.Nobody knows for sure yet but at a guess i would say your rig should run it at about mid/high level but obviously in DX9.
  3. I think the HD 2600XT line tops out at the level of the X1900GT (at least currently), so you'll have to look higher for an upgrade.

    I sincerely doubt the 8600GTS would be an upgrade for you.
  4. Overclock your x1900xt, They are great oc'ers. You can easily attain XTX speeds and beyond with minor increases of voltage / core / mem

    I oc'd my 1900xt to 648 / 774 @ 1.375 (which is even less voltage than default XTX) and my 3dmark06 scores went up 2,500, just make sure you turn the fan speed up to about 50%, mine OC'D goes up to about 79c MAX
  5. The x1900xt is still good. Blow the doors off the 8600GT.
    If you want something much better than the x1900xt, wait a few months.
  6. he hasnt to wait few months , i had a 7900GTX and i couldnt play every games @ max settings , for example i couldnt play DIRT or LOST PLANET @ ULTRA high settings ( i could play with a bit lower settings) but when u got my 8800GTX, i could play @ ultra settings
  7. yeah, current gen cards will rape an x1900 BUT its still an excellent card
  8. an X1900 is still a power house.... i have one....sitting the the closet, but thats because i need to get a psu for my E6600 P5W to make it into another system.

    Unless the games you play a struggling there is not need to upgrade. Lost planet gets a good boost on new cards, but if you dont play the game why upgrade :)
  9. To get appreciably more performance you'll need at least a 8800GTS / HD2900PRO. And to really see the difference you'll need an 8800GTX.
  10. Wait a generation between cards, ie skip one line of cards or you are wasting your money. the 8600 is utter cr@p compared to the x1900, your card kicks it ass in every way, you card will run crysis just fine on dx9.
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