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Have been having probs with my puter being very very slow for sum weeks now don't understand why as it was fine then one day it just went very slow have done all virus checks bringing nothing up pls help thanx. Colleen
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  1. have you checked in task manager for any unwanted process , apart from anti-virus get malwarebytes and do a scan

    Ccleaner for removing temporary files ....
  2. it does'nt bring any progress up hun when i click on it to open?....have malwarebytes does'nt bring anything up....also Ccleaner done all that hun but its still the same!!
  3. When you say 'it doesn't bring any progress up,' do you mean the task manager doesn't open?

    If you haven't done your malwarebytes scan in safe mode with networking, I would strongly advise doing so. Most malware will first, work to surpress your malware scanners. In safe mode, most malware is dormant.

    Boot into safe mode with networking (f8 on startup). Make sure you've updated malwarebytes. Then try doing a scan.
  4. Task Manager opens but there is nothing at the top were it shows do i do Boot into safe mode with networking it hun sorry but iam not that good with computers worries incase i get it wrong then can't get on puter thanx hun.
  5. In the task manager-->processes tab-->if you click on the 'CPU' column, it will sort the processes by CPU usage (2 click = highest use on top).

    If you've got a system process (other than the 'system idle process') hogging the CPU, that's a good place to look for a problem.

    To access safe mode with networking, restart the computer. When it's starting up, keep tapping F8. You should enter the safe mode menu, which looks like this:
    Arrow down to 'safe mode with networking' and hit enter. Click the messages to proceed into safe mode. It will look very similar to normal windows. Then update malwarebytes, and do your scan.
  6. Don't have a processes tab in the task Manager all it brings up is a box with wat is running nothing else!....have done what u said in safe mode but its brought
    no malware or viruses up hun so dont know what to do next?
  7. If your tabs and menu is missing from the task manager, try double clicking the border as described here.

    The task manager should look like the window on bottom. One of the tabs is labeled 'processes'
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