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Whats the easiest and quickest way to transfer files (multiple gigabytes, total) to a new computer?
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  1. The newer editions of Acronis True Image will allow an incremental movement of files and subdirectories. It is also an excellent method of imaging an entire drive for backup.
  2. Are their any cables I can use?
  3. hook up the two computers via lan cables (cat 5, cat5e, cat6) and switch and transfer the files
    extremely easy
    multiple gbs may take a little time though
  4. I got a $24 "USB transfer cable". It does the job OK. Or you could use an USB external hard drive, or DVD-RWs.

    Haven't tried the network cable solution. I suspect it's faster than my ideas. Would it require installing some software?
  5. I'm assuming that at least one of these is a desktop. Put the drive from the old computer in as a slave etc. and copy away. It is by far the easiest and fastest way to copy files.
  6. no software needed
    as long as both computers have some sort of ethernet card (built in or otherwise) you should be good.
  7. Nice!

    If the old computer goes to junk, you might as well just move the old disk over to the new PC and leave it there, no copying needed and the extra space won't hurt. Plus this way you don't have to worry about securely deleting what's on the old disk because you don't throw it away.
  8. That's a bonus. I have two old drives in mine. Although after I moved the files I did format the oldest one and load Kubuntu on it.
  9. If you connect 2 computers together via network cable, that'll prolly be the 'fastest'. I do it at work every day.. 6 times a day in fact as we're upgrading machines and we copy profiles and stuff that way.

    Just set them both up with static IP addresses and copy the data that way. At 100Mbit you should be able to copy 10GB in less than 30 mins or so.
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