Is there a real difference between 1066 and 1333?

Is there any real difference between a CPU with a FSB of 1066 and 1333? Am I really going to be able to tell in any way shape or form? Is 1333 going to make that much difference in a game's FPS? Are benchmarks going to really be that much better?

Also along this vain. Is, say, a Quad core 2.4 really that different from a Quad 2.6 or even a 2.93? I'm trying to find the best mix of price and power. I want something powerful, but is there really a differance between these things, or is it just more money spent so I can have bragging rights?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. There is no real would difference, Intel is pushing the bus for future processers. Intel's server processers are running at 1600MHz bus.
  2. Most enthusiasts would say there is no distinguishable difference.
    Some extremists might say the 1333 overclocks better.

    Balanced system builders recognize very small gain for more dollars.
  3. Better question would be is there a difference between 1k and 2k, to see if it really matters at all.
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