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I guess this is a combination rant and question. I simply cannot justify spending a lot on hardware right now, kids and a girlfriend who has cancer and a car that died would make it bad form to go spending much money even if I had it free and clear. My box is ancient, a 2800+ radeon le 8500, and 2 40 gig IDE. I needed a new card to run newer software with shader 2 and 3.

Anyhow, I figured that I would check C####l###t and that auction site to see what they had. I was tired and thought I was picking up a 7600 gt for a few bucks, well I ended up bidding 60 and it was a gs, so I wish I had not done that. The 7600gs at least runs great and I played the bioshock demo on full at 1024 x768. The difference is amazing, I could not believe not just the speed, but what was being rendered that I had not even seen before.

I need something fun to keep busy and tinker with, but even on the auction sites, everyone wants the same price for their used stuff as new, it is ridiculous. I know a lot of people here build new systems and upgrade, so I am looking for some reasonable used parts. Hoping to keep the 7600gs unless someone has a better AGP card to donate..lol.

I really am looking to find an agp motherboard that will take an X2, or 64 bit CPU, I also have 1 gig of DDR 400 (1 stick). I need a new board and cpu and if it takes DDR2, then that as well, also maybe more storage space. Does anyone have an old board, X2, or FX and ram ? I am in the US and will work something out.
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  1. ABIT has some motherboards with X2 support and AGP support, but they are all Discounted :(
  2. I just checked last night. I do check, I am up in the sticks and all that is close is older than what I have already.
  3. Yes...Even ebay is rediculous anymore.
    Especially when you consider the sellers all seem VERY interested in shipping for profit.

    Recent experience was very telling. Several sellers list DDR2 notebook ram in the DDR section, claiming what they are selling is DDR. One even went so far as to claim his was 3200 DDR. Seven dollars for shipping was not entirely out of reason ($3 actual) but when it arrived it was clearly DDR2 and unusable in my system. DDR2 typically sells for next to nothing while DDR is still in demand so this seller clearly misrepresented his listing at my expense.

    Oh yes, you can ship it back and get your bid amount back, but you are out the shipping from and to, so it simply is NOT worth it. What is worse, if you leave a negative feedback for the seller for deceiving you, he leaves one for you in spite.
  4. That 2800+ is that the old socket A ?
  5. Yes, and I am hoping to leave socket A, for 64 bit, and dual core, but anything noticeably faster is overpriced at newegg, or even used. I could buy a new core pentium for what ppl want for even a socket 754.

    johnnyq1233 said:
    That 2800+ is that the old socket A ?
  6. Contradict?...It makes perfect sense..The guy was selling DDR2 and listing it as DDR....I don't know how you can think he's contradicting himself..It makes perfect logical sense...lol..
  7. Quote:
    Thats why you use paypal, if you dont recieve what the item was represented as, you get your money back. Secondly if you leave negative feedback for someone and they leave it for you even though they were at fault, then their not going to have a very good rating are they. You can read through their negative ratings and see if they are decieving customers before you buy.
    Craigslist is great, cause you pick up the item at the persons house. You know where they live, their not going to rip you off. Ive sold about 12 items through craigslist this month.

    Paypal will return your bid amount after you return the item....not the shipping charges incurred, for shipping from the seller and back to the seller. Somehow, $7 from and another $3 to the seller makes no sense when the refunded amount will be less than the shipping. Also sending it back gives the seller another go at duping another unsuspecting buyer. I will just sell the RAM myself (as DDR2, of course)

    This seller had 98% positive with so it seemed OK at the time. If you know much about Ebay, you know that most sellers will not post feedback for you unless you have already posted positive feedback for that transaction. It makes no sense because you have already fulfilled your part of the transaction in full. (I paid immediately through paypal) Yet, most sellers hold the feedback hostage for fear you will be unhappy with your purchase for some reason and leave negative feedback. In this sellers case he witheld it because he knew what he listed was a deception and his buyer would certainly be unhappy. So you see....a sellers feedback numbers are a joke. If I leave negative feedback for them...and they return with negative feedback for me...it is true their reputation will be sullied, but then so will mine even though I did nothing deserving it. Ebay, of course, skirts the isssue because all they want is more sales, and they do not care very much about things of this nature.
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