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Hey guys. I'm buying a new system in a couple of days from a local store. I wanted the system to have an ASUS GTS8800 with 320 MB, but unfortunately it's out of stock and the guys at the store told me they won't be receiving ASUSes next week either. So there are a few other brands that this store has 8800GTS320s from:

Palit Daytona (500/1600 clock)
Leadtek Winfast (500/1600 clock)
BFG (says it's factory OC'ed on these ones and the price is around 15 euros higher than the standard ASUS 8800 - 580/1600 clock)
EVGA (superclocked, price is around 35 euros higher than the standard ASUS 8800 576/1700 clock)

What I want to know is, are these brands of 8800s close to ASUS? I noticed that the ASUS 8800 is the standard for VC comparing on many sites (including a benchmark test here on TH) so I figured ASUS would be the best, but hey if they don't have it, I'm willing to settle for another brand as long as it's close in performance. I prefer buying the card from this store so shopping online for an ASUS is not an option for me.

Please help me out and let me know what your choice would be for these brands. Thanks
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  1. I would go with the BFG
  2. Definatly the BFG, core clocks gives better fperformance then the memory which usually does very little, 2900xt 1gb anyone.
  3. What about XFX? If you want a super overclocked card, the XFX 8800GTS Fatality is clocked at 650/1000. Imo, those settings are really hard to get at with a stock 8800GTS.
  4. Evga / XFX (tie)

    MY 2 cents
  5. Get the cheapest of the superclocked ones, or the cheapest of the stock ones.

    Unless there is a game bundled with one of them that you want ...
  6. EVGA- hands down-
  7. EVGA or XFX
  8. EVGA > XFX ~ BFG > The rest. I wouldn't even consider ASUS as even the top 5th best video card brand (nvidia), those spots would most likely go to MSI, Gigabyte, or PNY. However there is a HUGE gap between the top 3 brands mentioned and the rest.
  9. Ok thanks guys, these advices really helped me decide. I would definitely go for EVGA, but I'm on the edge of my budget as is, so the next best thing, as you guys said, is BFG. I just hope the game bundle is good too :D
  10. EVGA on the super or the reg clock
  11. EVGA u can use their Trade in programme so u can buy higher end cards later on.
  12. I own the superclocked EVGA version. Runs nice. You can overclock it more too.
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