Kingston HyperX ddr2 800 Speed and Settings ??

Gday people im having problems with my memory or just need abit
of advise ...

I recently bought Kingston Hyperx ddr2 800 and installed it on the
Msi nforce 590 sli platinum board, but when i went into my bios i saw
that the ram was running at 677 Mhz and not 800 and i also up'd
my voltage to 2.0 v and my CAS settings to to 4,4,4,12 as MSI Specify's on their website

My question is should i up my memory's speed to 800 or leave it as it because im starting to worry that i bought fony chips ...

Im asking this because in the beginning i did up my memory speeds to 800 and when i felt the 2 chips they where just to hot for my liking
and the machine was abit unstable.

Plz guys any advise out there ?

THX a bunch.
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  1. Read the review and yes there is alot i didnt know but i took the advise
    and tried increasing my Memory Mhz from 667 to 800 but as soon as i restart my computer, i get no boot and i have to open my case and reset the Bios.

    At this point the only thing i can do is set my CAS to 4,4,4,12 and up my Power to 2v and the system runs stable enough but then again im not sure that using those settings are correct

    Any advise for that ?
  2. Download CPU-Z v1.41 and look at the SPD tab. Set your Bios the settings and voltage you see under 800. It should work.
    Double check by running memtest86+ or Prime95 to make sure there are no memory errors.
    If you have memory errors at the SPD settings, RMA the memory.
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