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I've received my 8800GTX today, but that's only relevant in that it helps explain why I'm giving my former 8600GT to my 8-year-old daughter. How much can she and i expect her Pent D 840 3.2Ghz to bottleneck the 8600GT. Obviously, she'll have simple games to play, but from a purely hardware standpoint...? Given that the 8600 is already quite weak, will the Pent D strangle it more?
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  1. I really doubt that it would hinder it much if at all. I owned a xfx 8600gt for a while, with a amd 4000+ and it never held it up ( yes i realize 4000+ is better than a pent d ) but the card is just so weak...
  2. Probably not much of a bottle neck if any.

    The 8600gt is not a powerful card
  3. I think the processor and GPU are well matched for each other. Should get some reasonable gaming action out of the pair.
  4. As stated above by a seemingly very wise man, that card is just so weak, if anything I wouldn't be surprised if the card was actually bottlenecking the PD.
  5. You guys say its a weak card.

    But in reality, it's just another 7600gt right? I mean, 7600gt is pretty good already.
  6. I'm using it at low resolutions (1360x768) and it actually looks great and runs smooth, at least in the Supreme Commander that came with it. I think it'll be fine for an 8-year old (perhaps this was nVidia's intention?)
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